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  • All prices are currently wholesale, but do not include shipping or sales tax (if applicable).
  • There are no minimum quantities, but recognize that shipping small quantities can be proportionately expensive.
  • We price by product, not by brand or fragrance, so feel free to mix or match.
  • Many of our products are natural and subject to unplanned variability in availability and sometimes cost.  We appreciate your patience.
  • Prices quoted on this site or in our print catalog a subject to change without notice.  If you have a concern, please be sure to inquire when you place your order.

Businesses are extended 30 days net payment due as a courtesy.  Balances due past 30 days accrue 1.5% interest compounded monthly (18% APR).

Individuals pay by PayPal at time of order. Accounts are charged at time of shipment.

Shipping is charged at actual cost of carriage and any special packing materials required. Currently, no handling or processing fees are applied.  All packages over (approximately) 1.5 pounds are shipped by UPS.  Light packages may ship by USPS depending on location. Customers may specify the carrier of their choice, at potential extra cost.

We happily export to destinations outside the United States.  Customers are responsible for all import duties that may apply, as well as any local regulations beyond those imposed by U.S. and destination postal authorities.

Bulk Incense
Please note that Bulk unit prices (¼ pound, 1.25 pounds, 2.5 pounds) are for a single fragrance each.  Order as many Bulk units as you need, but specify only one fragrance for each Bulk unit ordered.  In other words, ¼ pound is the smallest amount of a fragrance that can be ordered with Bulk pricing.  Also, each Bulk unit is individually priced.  For example, five ¼ pound units are not priced at the 1.25 pound rate (unless they are truly all the same fragrance).
Price List
Product  Price
 Incense Packs (sealed for hanging display)  
Sticks, 11-inch, 20 pieces each 
Cones,   1-inch, 20 pieces each 
 Bulk Sticks, 11-inch
  ¼ pound (~100 pieces ) 4.00
  1.25 pounds (~500 pieces)
        2.5 pounds (~1000 pieces)
 Bulk Cones, 1-inch  
  ¼ pound (~85 pieces)  4.00 
  1.25 pounds (~425 pieces)  15.00 
  2.5 pounds (~850 pieces)  25.00 
 Fragrance Oil (undiluted)
  ½ dram, clear vial on card for hanging 1.00
        ¼ fluid ounce
        ½ fluid ounce
        2 fluid ounces,  boston round
        4 fluid ounces,  boston round
   20 sticks incense with 1/5 dram oil
 Smudging Herbs (sealed)

        Large White sage (9–10") smudge stick
  Medium White sage (5"") smudge stick 2.95
        Large Gray sage (8–9") smudge stick
  Medium Gray sage (5") smudge stick   2.55
   Cedar and White Sage (9-10") smudge stick
        Lavender and White Sage (9-10") smudge stick   3.95
   White Sage (3") smudge and small Abalone set
  Grey sage (3") smudge and small Abalone set 3.25

 Abalone Shells  
  Small, 3-4 inch, decorative only      2.25
  Large, 5-6 inch, use for smudging  5.75
 Ash Catchers & Burners  
  Wooden Canoe, inlaid, two sticks 5.25
  Wooden Flat, inlaid, one stick  1.25
  Brass, one cone  1.75
        Indian Stick Game 3.50