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Choose from over 100 exciting fragrances and unique blends.  The following table lists our standard fragrances, their types, standard color for 11-inch sticks, and the brands that we recommend for each.
 Fragrance  Type  Color  Recommended Brands
 Amber  Resin  Orange  Botanica
 Apple  Fruit  Red   Botanica 
 Apple-Cinamon  Blend  Red  Botanica 
 Autumn Spice  Blend  Orange  Botanica
 Azalea  Floral  Purple  Botanica
 Balsam  Wood  Orange  Botanica, Bible
 Bay Berry  Fruit  Blue  Botanica 
 Bay Rum  Spice  Yellow   Botanica
 Bergamot  Fruit  Orange  Botanica
 Birch  Wood  Natural  NatAm
 Blueberry  Fruit  Blue  Botanica, Trails East
 Bluebonnet  Floral  Blue  Old West
 Cactus Blossom  Floral  Red  Santa Fe, NatAm, Old West
 Cedar  Wood  Natural  Bible, NatAm
 Cedar-Birch  Blend  Natural  Little Coyote
 Chaparral  Blend  Yellow  Gaia, Old West
 Cherry  Fruit  Red  Botanica
 Christmas (fruits, nuts, spices)  Blend  Red  Botanica
 Cinnamon  Spice  Red  Botanica
 Citronella  Herb  Yellow  Botanica
 Clove  Spice  Black  Botanica
 Coconut  Fruit  Natural  Botanica
 Copal  Resin  Orange  NatAm, Old West
 Copal-Piñon  Blend  Orange  Little Coyote
 Cranberry  Fruit  Red  Botanica
 Cypress  Wood  Green  Botanica, NatAm
 Desert Air (herbs, florals)  Blend  Natural  Little Coyote
 Dragon's Blood  Resin  Red  Botanica
 Dream Time (floral, woods, resins)  Blend  Red  Little Coyote
 Eucalyptus  Herb  Green  Botanica
 Fern  Herb  Green  Botanica
 Fir, Douglas  Wood  Green  Botanica, NatAm, Old West
 Frangipani  Floral  Yellow  Botanica
 Frankincense  Resin  Yellow  Bible, Botanica
 Gardenia  Floral   Natural   Botanica 
 Geranium  Floral  Red  Botanica
 Ginger  Floral  Natural  Botanica
 Gingerbread  Spice  Natural  Botanica
 Great Spirit (woods)  Blend  Blue  Little Coyote
 Hickory  Wood  Black  Botanica, NatAm, Old West
 Honeysuckle  Floral  Natural  Botanica
 Huckleberry  Fruit  Purple  L&C, Old West, Trails West
 Indian Trail (herbal, harvest)  Blend  Orange  Little Coyote
 Jasmine  Floral  Natural  Botanica
 Juniper  Herb  Blue  Botanica, NatAm, Trails West
 Lavender  Floral  Purple  Botanica
 Lavender-Sage  Blend  Purple  Little Coyote
 Lemon Grass  Herb  Yellow  Botanica
 Lilac  Floral  Purple  Botanica, Trails East
 Lily  Floral  Natural  Botanica, Trails West
 Lotus  Floral  Red  Botanica
 Magnolia  Floral  Natural  Botanica, Trails East
 Maple  Spice  Orange  Botanica, Trails East
 Medicine Wheel (sage, pine, sweetgrass)  Blend  Orange  NatAm, Little Coyote
 Mesquite  Wood  Black  Santa Fe, NatAm
 Mexican Magic (resins, herbs)  Blend  Blue  Little Coyote, NatAm
 Moss  Herb  Green  Botanica
 Mulberry  Fruit  Purple  Botanica, Trails East
 Musk  Blend  Black  Botanica
 Musk, Chinese  Blend  Red  Botanica
 Musk, Egyptian  Blend  Blue  Botanica
 Myrrh  Resin  Red  Bible, Botanica
 Ocean Breeze  Blend   Blue  Botanica
 Old Trail (woods, resins, sweetgrass)  Blend  Green  Little Coyote
 Opium  Resin  Red  Botanica
 Orange Blossom  Floral  Natural   Botanica
 Orange Zest  Fruit  Orange  Botanica, Trails East
 Patchouli  Herb  Green  Botanica
 Peach  Fruit  Yellow  Botanica
 Peony  Floral  Red  Botanica
 Peppermint  Herb  Green  Botanica
 Piña Colada  Fruit  Natural  Botanica
 Pine  Wood  Yellow  NatAm, Trails West, Old West
 Piñon  Wood  Orange  Santa Fe, NatAm, Trails West
 Piñon-Sage  Blend  Blue  Little Coyote
 Plum  Fruit  Purple  Botanica, Trails East
 Rain  Blend  Blue  Botanica
 Rainforest  Blend  Green  Gaia, Botanica
 Redwood  Wood  Red  L&C, Trails West, Old West
 Rose (Red)  Floral  Red  Botanica
 Rose, Desert  Floral  Orange  Old West, NatAm
 Rose, Yellow  Floral  Yellow  Botanica
 Rosemary  Herb  Green  Botanica
 Rosewood  Wood  Red  Botanica
 Sacred Direction (resins, herbs)  Blend  Orange  Little Coyote
 Sacred Smoke (sage, cedar, sweetgrass)  Blend  Blue  Santa Fe, NatAm, Little Coyote
 Sage  Herb  Black  Santa Fe, NatAm, L&C
 Sandalwood  Wood  Natural  Botanica
 Secret Forest (woods, herbs)  Blend  Green  Little Coyote
 Spearmint  Herb   Green   Botanica 
 Spirit Fire (woods)  Blend  Red  Little Coyote
 Spirit Prairie (herbs, florals)  Blend  Blue  Little Coyote
 Spruce, Blue  Wood  Blue  Botanica, NatAm, Trails West
 Strawberry  Fruit  Red  Botanica
 Strong Power (resins)  Blend  Natural  Little Coyote
 Sweetgrass  Herb  Green  Santa Fe, NatAm, Trails West
 Sweetgrass-Juniper  Blend  Green  Little Coyote
 Sweetpea  Floral   Red   Botanica 
 Sunflower  Floral  Yellow  Botanica
 Syringa  Floral  Natural  L&C, Botanica, Old West
 Tobacco Blend (tobacco, herbs)  Blend  Orange  Little Coyote
 Tobacco Offering  Herb  Yellow  NatAm
 Tundra  Blend  Purple  Gaia
 Vanilla  Spice  Natural  Botanica
 Vetivert  Herb  Green  Botanica
 Violet  Floral  Purple  Botanica
 Wetlands  Blend  Blue  Gaia
 Ylang-ylang  Floral  Yellow  Botanica
 Yucca Blossom  Floral  Natural  Santa Fe, NatAm