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Flexibility for You
At The Incense Store, we believe that our products should enhance YOUR store.  So we do things a little differently by offering many styles of products and product packaging.  The result is that YOU get to optimize our products for maximum appeal to your customers.

The basic idea is this:  For each product, pick a fragrance, a format (if it's incense), and a brand.  There are just a few restrictions, and we do have recommendations based on experience and what certain brands were intended to convey.

Four of our "brands" are general purpose.  Almost anything can be packaged as Botanica, Native American, Old West, and Route 66.  And, of course, everything is available Bulk.  Little Coyote is designed to showcase our 24 special fragrance blends.  The remaining brands are limited to specific fragrances that were selected to support their themes.

If you're not already familiar with our brands, formats, and packaging, review their pages to pick lines and products that are just right for you.

But remember, we happily accept special orders, so don't hesitate to ask.  And, pricing is based on product style – not brand – so mixing and matching is easy!
Product Formats — overview of types, sizes, and packaging

Brand Comparisons — summary of our product lines and their themes

Current Catalog — download our latest hardcopy catalog