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About Us


Montana Essence Company was founded over 20 years ago by John L. Boland, perfumer, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, as NYX Perfumery.  In time, John focused on incense, and with the right opportunity moved to the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of Montana.  There, the family-run business developed its lines of Western American fragrances and its unique business model of supporting clients' themes.  The business grew steadily to supply incense and related products to over 300 businesses in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.  With the rise of the internet, The Incense Store ( was born to better showcase the products of Montana Essence.


Montana Essence and The Incense Store remain a family-owned, family-operated business dedicated to preserving John Boland's signature fragrances and his business vision of serving clients through product flexibility.


We intend to grow — without forgetting our roots, or what makes Montana Essence unique.  In the months ahead we will be adding new products (like reed diffusers), new fragrances, and refreshing the look of old products.

Legal Stuff

Copyright.  The entire content of this site (excluding the Adobe Reader logo) is copyright © 2012 by Powers and Anderson LLC, all rights reserved.

Trademarks.  "Montana Essence Company", "The Incense Store", "", "Santa Fe" incense, "Route 66" incense, and "Botanica" together with their respective graphic logos and indicia, are trademarks of Powers and Anderson LLC.

Product Warnings.  Products offered for sale and sold by Powers and Anderson LLC through The Incense Store consist of natural and man-made materials intended for air fragrancing purposes only.  Unless otherwise labeled, all carry the following general warnings:
  • Never burn unattended.
  • Always burn over a fire-proof surface
  • Use with adequate ventilation
  • May irritate eyes, nose, and lungs of some individuals
  • Some individuals may experience allergies to natural botanicals
  • Harmful or poisonous if eaten or consumed as tea
  • Irritating, harmful, or poisonous if used as skin lotion.
If you have any questions regarding the safe use of any product conduct us prior to use.